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Scenario Planning – Managing for the Future: review

July 5, 2017

SAMI CEO Gill Ringland’s book “Scenario Planning” was first published back in 1998, with the most recent paperback edition in 2014. And it is still proving to be a strong favourite with readers in many fields.

GR book cover

The latest to take an interest is the Chartered Quality Institute which, in the May edition of its magazine Quality World, published a review of the book written by Alan Clark, CQP, FCQI:

“The second edition of this major work on scenario planning is a highly detailed but practical account that draws extensively on the author’s experience as well as that of other practitioners.

The book is divided into four parts, the first of which introduces scenario planning explaining its history and how it has been used as a vital element in strategic planning and decision-making. The second part covers methods and examples, and part three features 14 case studies.

The final part provides 10 examples of the ways of presenting scenarios that have been developed across widely differing fields. This book will be useful for those that have read the feature in February’s QW on using scenarios to guide your organisation through Brexit, and want to find out more.”

We have indeed found that the political upheavals of the last year are leading people to think differently about the future, and scenarios provide a way of getting to grips with such challenging times. Pundits are increasingly at a loss – “no-one knows anything”

no-one knows anything

Written by Huw Williams, SAMI Principal and based on the CQI review in Quality World, May 2017.

The views expressed are those of the author and not necessarily of SAMI Consulting.

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