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SAMI is 25!!

November 26, 2014

SAMI is 25 on 30th November 2014 – St Andrews Day.

Since we were launched as St Andrews Management Institute at the University of St Andrews in 1989, the world has come a long way.

In 1989, personal computers were just starting to appear on the desks of decision makers.  They were largely used for word processing and the production of spreadsheets. Public access to the internet, mobile technology, and social media were all in the future.  Indeed even 10 years ago, social media were largely unknown. It would be easy to overlook the challenges that this has posed for organisations, and it is important to recognise the real advances that have been made. One area that has not yet lived up to the hopes that were already visible in 1989, based on the success of DNA profiling, is the promise of personalised medicine, based on genomics.

In the wider world, the Berlin Wall was coming down, the Cold War seemed to be coming to an end, and some commentators were even positing “the end of history”.  Tiananmen Square in 1989 did in fact mark the beginning of visible changes in China, and in 2001, Jim O’Neill coined the term BRIC[1]. We have had two major “busts” in the west since 1989 – in 200 – fuelled by the dot com revolution, hyped too early; and the financial services collapse in 2008 fuelled by unsustainable mortgages. Peak oil was forecast to be in 2006, and the former USSR was the major producer: the development of new sources of oil in North America has changed the balance of global power since 2006.

We too have come a long way. We are now virtual, and owned by the staff. We recently won our largest contract ever, and have a strong and diverse set of Fellows, Principals and Associates. We have completed over 250 projects in 25 countries.

Our 20th celebration was marked by an event at The Royal Society and a publication about our history, which can be found on our web site here.

For our 25th we have decided that a virtual year-long celebration, combining Ted type talks, blogs, twitter and LinkedIn, a virtual garden party and a final celebration in December 2015, is more fitting to the times.

So, to start our anniversary year off, please join us at one or more short webinars on topics of interest on 1st December 2014. The schedule for the day, and links for registration, are:

10 am  Jim Ormond of Article 13 on Thoughts on 2025 from GenY
12 noon Dr Chris Yapp, SAMI Associate on how 2040 might be different
2 pm Gill Ringland of SAMI Consulting on getting better at forecasting
4 pm. Huw Williams, of SAMI Consulting talks about Infographics
6 pm Wendy Schultz of SAMI Consulting talks about narrative and images
8 pm James Blackmore-Wright, Senior Lecturer in Marketing at Northampton University talks about Scenarios in Marketing.

These will all be stored on the SAMI website after the event .
Our weekly blogs will start on 3rd December, and will be found here.

Written by Gill Ringland.

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