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The future of B2B marketing

August 27, 2014

We recently worked with the International Milk Promotion/Global Dairy Platform on an interesting project to think about the future of food marketing to 2035 and so frame their programme for the next five years. As a result, some interesting thoughts emerged about directions of B2B marketing in general.

Overall we realised that the future is already with us, for instance

  • A move from western to global trends and role models: by 2035, 25 of the 50 biggest cities will be in Asia, 10 in Africa – and the western business evolution model may no longer dominate;
  • The world is moving to more choice for more people;
  • National markets are becoming less important as determinants of behaviour, with different types of consumer visible across national boundaries;
  • Technology is affecting people and their lifestyles, farming and food production, manufacturing and supply, etc;
  • Information is increasingly personalised, using our electronic footprint;
  • The extended age distribution (3 to 113) of people making buying choices means that the organisations need to understand the mindset of the next generation (age 20 now) as well as changing needs of the older population.

Within this, marketing will transition in a number of ways:

  • The basis of trust may change – will concepts like neighbour and word of mouth survive?
  • Technology brings the content to us, so there will be a move to pull rather than push, with real time information access and Information in context;
  • advertising campaigns to seeding information where and when the consumers are open to signals.
  • reputation and transparency of supply chains will become increasingly relevant

We explored this future in the context of food marketing through a set of scenarios – the full write up is on under “Scenarios for Food Marketing to 2035”.


Written by Gill Ringland (

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