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Strategic Planning Society (SPS) with SAMI Consulting: Futures and Strategy Special Interest Group

March 7, 2014

Futures and Strategy Special Interest Group (SIG)

The remit of the Futures and Strategy SIG is to develop the capability of Strategists to understand how to use futures views and tools in driving a strategic agenda.

To implement this remit, the SIG will run events, undertake webinars and contribute to social media and formal publication routes.

SIG events are open to both SPS Members and non-Members, on a first registered basis (as we are limited by the room size).

Background – A few years ago Gill Ringland and Laurie Young edited a book together on scenario planning. Over a catch-up coffee, they realised that they both had clients who were beginning to invest seriously in corporate strategy again. All were large multi-nationals and all were exploring the impact of massive, unpredictable macro-forces on their businesses. The unpredictable international climate was (and still is) making companies think much more carefully about how and where they will invest. During 2012 and 2013, Gill and Laurie held events with an invited audience to explore these issues.

They were overwhelmed by the interest and the seniority of those involved. The group explored the different macro-forces and possible futures at meetings in the Reform Club, Cass Business School, Kings College London and The Royal Society. The events were designed by Gill Ringland and Laurie Young, with futurists Dr Wendy Schultz and Dr Chris Yapp. The final event was held at the Royal Society on January 22nd.  These have led to the formulation of SIG events within the Strategic Planning Society.

SIG events

The first two events will be about:

Getting nimble, amplifying innovation, and upping your strategic game are critical in seizing opportunities – even more so in a struggling and slowly recovering economy.  Tools for collaborative innovation and strategic shift can help you and your organisation or community create value ahead of the curve. To provide focus we will take a topic of interest to many organisations, and provide a collaborative framework for thinking about innovation.

What you can expect:

  • Syndicate work with futures and strategy thinkers
  • Using futures tools  to explore the past and future of the topic
  • Debate with interesting people
  • Shared insights into the drivers of change and the strategies for meeting them.

All participants will be able to take away a box of SAMI “Forces for change” cards. Extra sets are available at £10 per box.



The future of energy: 1st April, Cass Business School, 13:00 to 17:00

The future of food: 29th July, Cass Business School, 13:00 to 17:00

The agenda will be:

  • Briefing on scenarios developed by SAMI with Article 13
  • Introduction to a futures methodology
  • Using the methodology to develop strategies

We will write up a short report following each event and circulate to participants and through
the SPS and SAMI networks. Participants are welcome to use the output through their own

For further registration information please click here.

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