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The Future of the TMT Industry

October 18, 2013

On Tuesday we held the latest in our series of “Blowing the Cobwebs off your mind” events, this time in the grand surroundings of the Library at the Reform Club.  Over 20 of us enjoyed an afternoon of  really interesting discussions on the future of the TMT (Telecoms, Media and Technology) industry.

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After a brief introduction from Gill Ringland, including a few moments silence in memory of Laurie Young who died so suddenly recently,  Chris Yapp took us through his very thought-provoking presentation.  Beginning with a discussion of “bubbles and golden ages” as described by Carlota Perez, Chris helped us think through the prospects for attractive investments – either in exploiting the “golden age” of the sustainable global knowledge society, or identifying the next wave and bubble – maybe biotech?  He also explained Charles Handy’s model of change (how it is difficult to adapt and change before decline sets in) and a valuable matrix of strategic response to change that he had developed himself.

We then explored the Cobwebs trends card deck to identify issues affecting the TMT industry before using the “Verge” technique to capture effects and identify innovative new strategies for players in that market.  After a discussion of Drucker’s barriers to innovation and entrepreneurship each table group identified  strategies that they thought were sustainable. These included:

  • Service innovation based on excellent customer service such as:
    • Create the customer interface to enable working from home with different packages for (the very different) customer segments . Features such as automatic separation of use into personal and business to save the paperwork and satisfy the taxman and due respect for personal privacy and corporate confidentiality / oversight of staff
    • Content Productions (like HBO). Could be creator/producer or perhaps a coordinator / enabler; Virgin Festivals
    • Becoming a platform for home 3-D printing – eg of statuettes of family, designer clothes
    • Developing personal health monitoring for the “worried well”, linking with online healthclub for tutored group fitness training without leaving the house
    • Online Academy, mainly for younger children, but again with personalised tutoring

This was another stimulating event, rounded off with a convivial session in the Reform Club lounge.

The next Cobwebs events planned are:

–      12th November, The Reform Club, 1 – 5:30,  effect of life sciences technologies on the economy & society

–      22nd January 2014, at the Royal Society, futures work & investment strategies.

Contact Gill at for an invitation.

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