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SAMI “Cobwebs” events

September 2, 2013

SAMI Consulting and Laurie Young are launching a further series of events on the theme of “Blowing the Cobwebs off your Mind”.  The first of these stimulating days will be held at Kings College London, from 1:00pm to 5:30 pm on 17th September 2013. The events are aimed at academics, trainers, consultants and advisors interested in futures issues and explore the changing patterns in futures work with different forms of strategy development.

As before, we will be updating our “futures cards” in syndicate work. We will review data and identify insights into developing international trends. Last time we worked on the “Three Horizons model”. This time we want to work through a tool called: the “Ethnographic Futures Framework”. The themes explored here will be developed into our later events for large corporate clients.

A little background. A few years ago Gill Ringland and Laurie Young edited a book together on scenario planning. Over a catch-up coffee, they realised that they both had clients who were beginning to invest seriously in corporate strategy again. All were large multi-nationals and all were exploring the impact of massive, unpredictable macro-forces on their businesses. The unpredictable international climate was (and still is) making companies think much more carefully about how and where they will invest.During 2012, Gill and Laurie held several events with an invited audience to explore these issues. They were overwhelmed by the interest and the seniority of those involved. The group explored the different macro-forces and possible futures at meetings in the Reform Club, Cass Business School and The Royal Society. This is the next in that series.

What you can expect.

  • Presentation on the developing macro-issues.
  • Syndicate work with futures cards.
  • Historical context of investment waves.
  • Work with the Ethnographic Futures Framework.
  • Using Drucker’s seven sources of innovation.
  • Debate with some interesting people.

If you are interested in attending please contact Gill at

The overall programme is

  •  17th September, Kings College London, 1 – 5:30, for strategists interested in futures
  • 18th/19th September, Wolfson College Oxford – bootcamp on futures tools – charge for accommodation at College
  • 15th October, The Reform Club, 1-5:30 for strategists & senior managers interested in the effect of ICT on the economy & society
  • 12th November, The Reform Club, 1 – 5:30,  for strategists & senior managers  interested in the effect of biotech on the economy & society
  • 22nd January 2014 is all day at the Royal Society, Futures work & investment strategies. There are massive pools of capital in the world which are not being invested. One factor in that phenomenon is uncertainty about futures and return. We intend to explore this, using the Ethnographic Futures Framework, in order to apply real-world futures tools to assess investment risk.
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