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eSAMI January 2013

February 11, 2013

January 2013

First, best wishes for 2013 to all our friends and readers.

Michael Owen, SAMI Chairman, was recently interviewed as part of the BBC Radio 4 programme, ‘In Business’, dealing with pharmaceutical innovation. The BBC had read his earlier Chatham House briefing paper on Shifting Patterns in the Pharmaceutical Industry. See at A new version of the paper is being included in a Chatham House report being published in the next couple of months, looking at a number of sectors which have undergone significant industrial transformation.

Patricia Lustig and Lynda McGill of SAMI have had an article published in the Soapbox section of e-Organisations and People, Vol 19(4), Winter 2012 . Entitled “Why are there still dinosaurs in the business world?” , it suggests that Dinosaur Organisations are doomed to extinction, and that Self-Renewing Organisations are an evolutionary solution to ensure survival. A pdf of the article is available at The full publication is available via

We have started an innovative project, funded by the Technology Strategy Board, on “bite sized business content delivered to phones, tablets and PCs”. The aim is to expedite the global access to content from UK publishers and authors. If any of our readers would like to work with us on this, for instance by supplying content, please let us know via

Blowing the Cobwebs off your Mind – we are hosting an event with Laurie Young at The Royal Society later this month, for more than 70 senior people who want to explore how business models are changing and how organisations can anticipate and benefit from the changes. If you would like to see the output from this event, or be advised of future events, please contact us on
SAMI Fellow Gill Ringland is a Member of European Forum on Forward Looking Activities, EFFLA, one of 15 appointed Members from across Europe. The forum is a response to the changing model for creation of policy, particularly a systemic and horizontal approach to this issue. In particular this concerns the growing role of innovation and innovation policy. The forum brings together leading experts in research and innovation, representatives of international and European organisations and scientific centres, together with decision-makers interested in the initiation and promotion of a debate on forward looking policies, both at European level and within member states. Since the start up in September 2011, EFFLA has produced a number of policy briefs for DG Research & Innovation, recommending the ways in which the DG for Research & Innovation could achieve its objectives. These policy briefs can be found on the EC web site by entering “EFFLA Policy briefs” in the search engine on the web site

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