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eSAMI for February

February 11, 2013
As 2013 gets  underway, SAMI with Laurie Young held a “Blowing the Cobwebs off your Mind”   event at The Royal Society to explore how business models are changing and   how organisations can anticipate and benefit from the changes. If you would   like to see the output from this event, or be advised of future events,   please contact us on


SAMI Associate Director   Jon Soar has written on Seven Things Executive Coaches Should Know about Scenario   Planning  – as he points out “There are   fundamental similarities between coaching and scenario planning.   Coaching is concerned with the ‘here and   now’ and the future, not with the past.     So are scenarios.” The full article can be found on the SAMI blog,

John Kay gave an   interesting lecture – based on his report “Report on UK Equity Markets and   Long-Term Decision Making”   at a Tomorrows Finance event. He felt that building truist and confidence in   financial services must be based on changing behaviours, and discussed the   symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. On treatment, he identified three areas which   needing rethinking: fiduciary standards, regulatory system currently focused on   internals, and the separation of investment and trading from retail banking. However   he felt that a breakup of current banks to achieve the separation was   unlikely. The issue of taking decisions for the long tem is of course behind   Long Finance.

We are working with   the Long Finance initiative on a research project “Fairness and Finance”. The   specification is on the web site   – we are looking for a Masters student to do the research, and a financial   services firm to fund it. Any thoughts on either, contact us at

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