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Here be Dragons – The Cycle of Renewal

February 8, 2012

When Gill Ringland, CEO of SAMI Consulting was presenting the Long Finance Report late last month, one of the audience came to talk to her afterwards.  She understood about scenarios and how to create them, but what was difficult was using them to the business’ advantage; ‘What do I do next?!’  And, I think a subtext would be, ‘And how does it all fit together?’

In answer to this question, which is very often asked, Gill sketched out the Cycle of Renewal:

In the Cycle of Renewal, you can see that Scenarios are part of Insight – one of the Five Qualities that are used to help an organisation become self-renewing through developing and implementing new strategies.

Scenarios are built upon research done on what is happening inside the business and outside it in the global environment.  Once the scenarios are created, the “what next” is around developing viable options.  What does the organisation need to be doing NOW in order to be successful in the long term?  How to mitigate the risks?  What to stop doing?  What to differently?

The creativity and innovation processes develop options on what needs to happen/change in product line(s), service line(s) AND organisational processes.  Roadmaps help make choices around what the organisation is going to do and become.  The work that comes out of the scenarios and innovation gives understanding of what the costs might be for asset allocation.  It is unfortunate but true that no organisation can do everything!

Then it is a question of Machinery and rolling these changes – new products and services, new ways of working – out into the organisation while testing to see how well they are doing.  Fast prototyping is good – innovate, test, try it out, get feedback and repeat.  Check it against the scenarios.  Keep testing the waters.  Make sure to get return on investment.

Change isn’t easy, but it is interesting and exciting.  It also isn’t rocket science; the most important things to remember is to get everyone involved, monitor progress, and celebrate success.

The Cycle of Renewal is described – along with the tools to implement it – in Here be Dragons, due to be available through  amazon at the end of February.

Written by Patricia Lustig, Fellow at SAMI Consulting and co-author of Here be Dragons

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